Collection: Fishing Rod Storage Accessories

SCUTE Fishing Rod Case Accessories are high quality and durable accessories made for use with your Australian designed and Australian made SCUTE Fishing Rod Case, the pinnacle of innovation in travel for fishing rod storage solutions for anglers of all levels.

This premium fishing rod case isn't just any rod holder; it's designed to redefine the way you transport and safeguard your fishing gear. Our accessories are designed for seamless integration and maximum performance.

Accessories Available

SCUTE Roof Rack Brackets integrate with all major roof rack storage systems. Enjoy hassle-free transportation and maximum security when you use SCUTE roof rack brackets with your SCUTE fishing rod case.

SCUTE ‘pin’ locks. You can trust our super-strong locking system to keep your fishing rods secure during transportation, providing you peace of mind during your journeys. Approved for domestic and international air travel. These locks can be used for keeping your SCUTE fishing rod case locked when its in transit. They are also used to lock your SCUTE fishing rod case to your SCUTE Roof Rack Brackets for safe and secure vehicle travel.

If you are ready to hit the road and want the full kit have a look at our SCUTE fishing rod case bundles. These Fishing Rod Storage Bundles are the ultimate pack including;

  • One SCUTE fishing rod case from our standard length range of Fishing Rod Cases
  • Two SCUTE ‘Pin’ locks
  • One Roof Rack Bracket Kit

The SCUTE Fishing Rod Case is your go-to companion, whether you're a boat fisher, land-based angler, off-road adventurer, or a globetrotting fishing enthusiast. It's designed to safeguard your valuable fishing rods during car, plane, or boat travel, as well as when being stored at home.

Discover unparalleled convenience, protection, and access with the SCUTE Fishing Rod Case and Accessories. Upgrade your fishing journey today, and ensure your gear is in the best hands. Invest in the SCUTE Fishing Rod Case, Roof Rack Brackets and Locks, where excellence meets innovation.